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The WDW Ride Guide Podcast is an unofficial Disney podcast dedicated to exploring Walt Disney World one ride at a time. The sheer number of Disney rides make it nearly impossible to cover them all in an average family vacation. Add to that the incredible variety of storytelling throughout each park and it quickly becomes clear that every Disney rider will have a different favorite. The goal of our weekly podcast is to make it easier for you to plan ahead for the rides you don’t want to miss!



Ride Report – June 2018

I am back from another great trip to Walt Disney World and I have so much to share with you on today’s podcast!  While I have been to WDW several times since starting the podcast, my recent trip was a little extra special because this was the first time to go back with my side of the family since starting the WDW Ride Guide.  Four years ago I took a trip with Rachel, my parents, my sister, brother-in-law, and then 5 year old nephews.  Flash forward 4 years and the nephews are now 9, and have added a baby brother that is almost 2 years old.  This trip we had a family of 9 spanning 3 generations.  Making sure everyone has fun on a trip like this is no small task.  Be sure to listen to the episode to hear what worked for our bigger family trip, and what, if anything, we would do differently next time.

One of my favorite surprises of the trip was the Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Live! show at Epcot’s America Garden’s Theater.  The 20 minute show was upbeat and fun for both Guardians fans and fans of 70’s & 80’s music.  My dad couldn’t tell you the difference between StarLord and Groot but he loved this show for its music!

A family favorite of the trip was our visit to Rafiki’s Planet Watch!  One of the nephews got to help the talented pig, Emma Lou, with her artistic masterpiece!

In addition to the awesome live animal encounters we enjoyed meeting a lot of characters on this trip.  The highlight for the boys was Baymax over in Epcot.  He was so much fun, playing with the boys, giving fist bumps, and letting the little one push his fingers in.

For my birthday Rachel and I took the “Caring for Giants” backstage tour.  It was great!  Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast on this and the “Family Magic Tour”.


Finally, my favorite ride this trip was Rock’n’Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith!  Believe it or not, the nephew with no expression on his face LOVED this ride!  It was his favorite of the trip and he rode it three times.  I promise he is having fun here!

Thanks for joining me on another Ride Report!  Hopefully the podcast will be helpful in planning your next trip to Walt Disney World.  Be sure to check back soon for future episodes as we help you get ready to make each day a ride worth taking!

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