The Make Money Your Honey Podcast

The Make Money Your Honey Podcast hosted by Amazon best-selling author and millennial personal finance blogger Amanda Abella, is a podcast dedicated to everything you need to know about millennials, marketing and money in the new economy. From personal finance topics like paying off student loans and credit cards to online business and expert interviews, this show aims to help millennials everywhere build a better relationship with their work and their money. It’s a new kind of podcast for a new kind of generation that craves flexibility, abundance and a fulfilling career.


Interview with Jason Vitug, Author of You Only Live Once

In this week's podcast episode we're interviewing Jason Vitug.Jason Vitug is social impact entrepreneur as founder Phroogal, creator of award winning
project, The Road to Financial Wellness, and author of You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life. He is best known as a financial motivator and lifestyle engineer helping thousands of people around the country live their dream lifestyle through financial knowledge. Full show notes and transcript can be found at


 2016-07-05  41m