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Discussing a wide range of topics, WARTIME seeks to fill the void between objective academic discussion and casual, carefree history. Drawing on the latest scholarship and welcoming highly original interpretations, WARTIME pushes the boundaries of traditional history by bringing it directly into the public forum for all to share. WARTIME is published weekly.



episode 55: BPA S03E06: Wilderness Dogfight: The Battle of Bushy Run

In early August 1763, British North America was under siege. Following their great victory during the Seven Years’ War, the Crown was rocked when France’s former Indian allies continued to wage war. After destroying many small forts and besieging larger one, the collective warriors of the Great Lakes and the Ohio Country sought to push their European enemies off of the continent once a for all. In an effort to liberate Fort Pitt, the largest fort in the Ohio Country, Colonel Henry Bouquet and the Black Watch, the 42nd Highlanders, dueled with the warriors of Guyasuta in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. Bouquet’s Scots were the supreme tribe on that day, and Fort Pitt was saved. On this episode our guest is Jack Giblin of the US Army War College…spared no expense. 


 2018-07-09  57m