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episode 1: The Marriage Playbook Season 6 Game 1 "The Missing Part of You"

You ever notice a person who is known  to be married except you never see them with hier spouse? How about a married person who thinks and behaves like a single person? One who hangs out all night with the fellas or a person who goes on vacations with the girls. What I am refering to is people who display in character and in deed the attitude of someone who is not married at all. according to biblical principles marriage is the joining of two people who becomes one, an inseparable entity. It appears in this instance that there is a missing part of you. Today on the Marriage Playbook with your coaches Eric and Fran, we will dicuss this dilema where there is something missing in the marriage and we think it may be you. Tune in @ 7PM on blogtalkradio.com or dial in to listen or comment @ 646 668-8485 press 1 to come on live with your comment or question, we would love to hear from you!


 2018-07-17  1h3m