This Week in Germany

This Week in Germany is a weekly podcast that brings the world to Germany and Germany to the world with stories from news, society and culture in the English language.


102 - Why can't you buy milk in Germany on a Sunday?

Something that puzzles foreigners is that shops in Germany are forced to close on a Sunday. Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, the UK, the United States and many more allow Sunday opening - but why not Germany? Is it for religious conservative reasons or progressive workers' rights? Olcan Hiller investigates. Do you have a German topic you want Olcan to investigate? Send us a message! Earlier this month, it was announced Berlin's famous Potsdamer Platz would be changing hands from one investment group to another. 267,000 square metres including 17 buildings were sold for over €1 billion. Potsdamer Platz has long been a busy hub for Berliners but the Second World War saw the area obliterated in bombing raids. The Berlin Wall was built through the middle of the space occupied by the square scuppering any hopes of a rebuild. So what became of Potsdamer Platz? Radio journalist Wouter Bernhardt of the Walrus and the Bear podcast takes a look back at the making of the modern Potsdamer Platz. Cologne started the year deep in controversy as multiple sexual assaults were reported. To make matters worse, the police concealed information on the assaults from the public. Freelance journalist Janelle Dumalaon speaks to us about the impact and consequences of the attacks. Winter may not be the most obvious time to travel to Germany but there's still plenty to see and do. Rob reports on the scenic and exciting Black Forest Highlands in Baden-Württemberg. All that plus the rest of this week's news in brief!


 2016-01-26  42m