Slings, Flings, and Dingalings - SFD - Sex Talk Comedy Podcast

This show is all about sex, lifestyle, and so much more. Every week we will have different discussions of the sexual nature, and bring in local guests to weigh in on many different topics!


episode 58: Episode #113 - Paige’s Transition Update!

This is a pre-recorded show! We talk about our current lives, sex wise, as always. Then we discuss more transition based stories, since Paige is resuming her transition! We also discuss rompers, and why the fuck Taryn doesn’t have one. She’s a lazy bitch who would love it. Finally, we end this shit with some talk about “days without sex”. Day 435 without sex: the hosts of SFD are lookin pretty good tbh. 


 2018-07-23  53m