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Authors Nick Hurwitch and Phil Hornshaw dive through the wormhole of your favorite time travel movies, TV shows and stories to attempt to make sense of timelines, time machines and paradoxes.


Bonus Episode: Paradox Q&A Roundup

Finally, we’ve come to a smoking-hot question and answer episode of time travel, rounding up some interesting questions from our amazing listeners. It’s Q&A time!

In this bonus episode, we dug up a bunch of questions listeners have put to us on the various social media channels for Paradox, like its Facebook page, the Facebook page for “So You Created a Wormhole,” and our Twitter accounts, @philhornshaw and @hewizard. (You can use them to ask us questions too!)
While we always get back to people on those social places (or at least we think we do), we figured it might be nice to make the answers a little more public. We also figured that we owed a second episode for the last couple of weeks, given that we were absent for a bit thanks to work obligations, child rearing obligations, and Comic-Con obligations. We didn’t go this year, but it’s Comic-Con; you never really leave.
So here’s a bunch of questions about various movies we’ve covered on the podcast. Below you’ll find the timestamps for each question so that if you’re not up on a particular movie or episode, you can skip it to avoid being ruthlessly spoiled by questions and answers. You’ll also find links to the episodes for each question, should you need a refresher.
Super mega huge thanks to all our Paradox listeners and to everyone who took the time to write us questions — you’re amazing and we appreciate you! Hopefully these answers are up to spec, but if not, feel free to catch us on The Internet, where we’re always excited to dig into the nitty-gritty even further.
6:20 – “Back to the Future”
22:57 – “Edge of Tomorrow” (“Live.Die.Repeat”)
30:46 – “Predestination”
37:01 – “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”
45:58 – “Primer”
54:32 – “12 Monkeys”
1:01:17 – “Deja Vu”
After this, check out our new episode for “Hot Tub Time Machine!”
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 2018-07-29  1h10m