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The State of Germany’s Energy Transition

Please RSVP to expedite check-in A live webcast will be streamed at 12:00 PM EDT at www.eesi.org/livecast (wireless connection permitting)   The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) and the Embassy of Germany invite you to a briefing showcasing how Germany has been successfully integrating renewable energy into its electrical grid and decoupling energy demand from economic growth. Indeed, Germany's energy policies have led to the creation of new, technologically advanced industries and the addition of about 350,000 jobs. High-level representatives from the public and private sectors on both sides of the Atlantic will discuss parallels between the German and American economies and how the United States may benefit from energy policies Germany has developed and implemented over the course of its nearly 20 year-long national Energiewende ("energy transition") program.


 2018-06-08  1h34m