Every few weeks Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson, Joel Sapp and Robert Rosenbloom get together to talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla and Elon and SpaceX and Boring Company and Hyperloop and more.


episode 125: Ep 125 - Cease and Desist

The guys begin this episode by calling out a certain podcast that has appeared with an awkwardly similar name! Robert tells the details of his recent car accident. Luckily, he was driving his Model S! The guys discuss. How long will it take to fix his S? How much will it cost? Mel talks about his recent Model X tyre replacement situation and his monthly Model S lease.They also catch up on the news of the past month for all things Tesla, Space X, Model 3 and more.

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 2018-08-01  2h3m