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Carrington Vanston reviews vintage Apple II games and goodies.



1 MHz Episode 10

A brief (for me) show this month as I rush to get ready for KansasFest. In this episode, I take a look at the announcement of two new ways to transfer disk images from a 'modern' computer to an Apple II: ADTPro software, which finally hits version 1.0.0 after a year in beta, and the BlueFlash card, which is vaporware at the moment but looks tremendously exciting. I also take a look at a way to make an Apple II act as a dumb terminal for Mac OS X. After that, I listen to some modern music made on a vintage Apple. Finally, I review the game Apple Panic, which gets a big thumbs down. Then it's time to pack up my new two wheeler and head towards Kansas City...slowly.

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 2007-07-14  19m