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The Edge,’s dedicated Star Trek: Discovery podcast, follows the story of Michael Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery as they chart new territory in the 32nd century, and also explores the creative and cultural history of the legendary franchise by deep diving into the connection between Discovery and TV series, films, books, and comics that came before.


episode 2: P2: Born into Star Trek

DS9 Response.
In contrast to the first two series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was to be set on a space station instead of a starship. In another twist, the main character would be a commander, not a captain; and the show would run concurrently with The Next Generation. How did fans react to this news and the January 1993 premiere?

In this episode of Postcards from The Edge, host Amy Nelson is joined by Brandi Jackola to discuss the announcement of DS9 and hear from listeners about their memories of the lead-up and debut. We share fan thoughts on Avery Brooks as lead, a station instead of starship, the fact that—for the first time—there would be two Star Trek series sharing the airwaves, and why the development of DS9 shares some important parallels with that of Discovery.

Intro (00:01:08) 
DS9 Story (00:02:09) 
Avery Brooks (00:04:04) 
Immobile Space Station (00:05:26) 
TNG Characters on DS9 (00:07:56) 
Fan Response (00:09:04) 
Babylon 5 (00:13:03) 
Title Issues (00:21:28) 
TNG Affection (00:23:55) 
DS9 Current Thoughts (00:28:55) 
Thoughts from The Orb (00:30:06) 
Closing (00:36:44)

Amy Nelson
Brandi Jackola
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 2017-09-07  42m