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Do You Know House 2018 #05

Hi all,Its been awhile since my last House mix,mostly down to being so busy with my Starpoint Radio show,(half of the show is a house mix so you can keep up to date thru the show) now I've got back on track with some guest mixes for the show,It was time to get a house mix done. It features some of my favs from the last month so so from Brian Power Ft Michelle John and the excellent SuSu Bobien,big new tracks by Guri Guri Boys Ft Josh Milan,David Morales and Vick Lavender Ft Angel-A, deeper/afro grooves from XtetiQsoul Ft Ay J,Pat Bedeau and Stephanie Cooke & Ian Friday and Kerri Chandler... enjoy the music x Do You Know House 2018 #05 01. Guri Guri Boys Ft Josh Milan - Be Yourself (Manoo Remix)(King street 2018) 02. Janine Lyons - I Need To Dance (Honeycomb House Mix) (Honeycomb Music 2017) 03. Stephanie Cooke & Ian Friday - Let It Show (Ndinga Gaba Remix)(Global Soul Music 2018) 04. XtetiQsoul Ft Ay J - Better Places (Afrocentric Records 2018) 05. Blak Beat Niks - Ritual Of Love (Ron Trent Vocal Beat Down Mix)(Rush Hour 2018) 06. Don Corey Washington - Praise My Maker (Blizzard Beats Soul Remix)(D*Sharp 2018) 07. Vick Lavender Ft Angel-A - Deep And Wide (Sol Brown Remix)Gotta Keep Faith 2018) 08. David Morales - Believe (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)(DIRIDIM 2018) 09. Kerri Chandler - Keep Me Inside (Wolf Story Re-Edit)(King Street 2018) 10. Brian Power Ft Michelle John - To Feel Your Grace (Mike Delgado Remix)(SoulHouse Music 2018) 11. Norm De Plume - Whole In One (Folamour Remix)(Delusions of Grandeur 2018) 12. SuSu Bobien - Let's Have Some Church (Junior White Vocal Mix) (S3musicrevue 2018) 13. Pat Beadeau - Saxo (Bedfunk Promo 2018) 14. Steal Vybe Ft Monday Michiru - The Game Keeps On Changing (Mesmerized Soul Mix)(Steal Vybe 2018) Paul Stuart - 4th August 2018


 2018-08-04  1h19m