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The Rose Affect - Erica Luttrell, DeeDee Magno Hall & Hilary Florido (Vol.3/Ep.2)

The big reveal that Rose is Pink Diamond has taken a toll on the characters of Steven Universe! Storyboard Supervisor Hilary Florido, Erica Luttrell who voices Sapphire, and DeeDee Magno Hall, who voices Pearl, weigh in on the impact it's had on Pearl, Sapphire, and Ruby, and their various relationships, and what it's revealed to them about love, other Gems, and humanity in general. They also discuss the beautiful wedding and all of the detail that went into creating the special episode. Plus, Erica and DeeDee share how Steven Universe and the amazing fans have affected their respective personal lives. via Knit


 2018-08-09  38m