So far on podcastnik.com we've talked about specific historical topics. With the launch of the Podcastnik YouTube Channel, where we also talk to other podcasters and kinda do whatever we feel like, we also start a new podcast! Some episodes may be familiar as we retire some older feeds and put the episodes here. Hopefully this just makes it easier to keep track of what we're doing. To see the YouTube channel we keep mentioning, it's here: Podcastnik Channel . Visit http://podcastnik.com for all 450+ episodes by the podcastnik team. Visit http://podcastnikshop.com to support the team




This is not even all of our content on beer. Beer has been an inspiration and a fuel to get episodes done. Here's our ode to beer. The history of Budweiser and Czechvar / Budvar, the history of Pilsen and Pilsner beer, the German Beer Purity Act, a Prague pub crawl through some of the densest pub neighborhoods in the worlds. It's all about the history of great beer.

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 2018-06-27  1h20m