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130. 'The Turner Diaries' w/ John-Michael Bond

Cody isjoined by comedian John-Michael Bond to tackle one of the most important and most horrible, awful, and soul-destroying books in American history. You can find your copy of the book online, literally, all over the place online. It’s sickening how easily you can find it online.   'The Turner Diaries' by Andrew MacDonald This is the book which the FBI and the controlled media have been claiming hysterically is the "blueprint" for everything from the Oklahoma City bombing to the takeover of the U.S. government by "White extremists." It is the "Bible" of the "racist right," they say. Certainly, it has received more media attention than any other book in print and is the book most hated and feared by the gun-control crowd. The Turner Diaries is the book proponents of "multiculturalism" and the New World Order have tried desperately to ban from bookstores, so that ordinary Americans won't be able to read it. Too many things predicted in the book have been coming true, they believe, and they're afraid that if more people read the book the rest of it also may come true. Actually, says the author, the book is merely a vehicle, in the form of an exciting novel about urban guerilla warfare and revolution, for his ideas about race and society. You'll have to read it for yourself to see who's right.   SHOW NOTES: Previous Episode:  33. "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" w/ John-Michael Bond from 2014   Currently Reading: ‘The State of Affairs’ by Esther Perel Left-Hand Path books by Aleister Crowley   Topics: Just listen to this episode. It’s tough and important. Also, Ross from FRIENDS is an Incel.   Follow TOMEFOOLERY for information about upcoming episodes & books: @Tomefoolery and Please rate and review on iTunes!   WEBSITE: STORE: PATREON: FAN GROUP:


 2018-08-13  1h32m