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Strictly Butter is a podcast fueled by lifelong friendship, good pizza, and an undying love for all things music. Every episode, Ryan Cody, Jeremy Klein, and Alexander Mathew bring you lively, in-depth discussions on current album releases, across a wide range of genres.


Episode 53: Wyoming Gauntlet Pt. 2 – Nas and Teyana Taylor

The state motto of Wyoming is “Equal Rights,” and the state motto of the info for this episode of the podcast is, “It’s Strictly Butter!” On this episode, we finally conclude our discussion of the five albums produced by Kanye West out in Wyoming (AKA Kanye Midwest,) with our reviews of ’Nasir’ and ‘KTSE’ the latest from Nas and Teyana Taylor, respectively. Questions? Comments? Get in contact with us on Facebook (,) Twitter (@strictly_butter,) Tumblr (,) or send us an email ( Didn’t these descriptions use to be longer? Thanks for listening to us talk about the things we listen to! Fun links to fun things Nas: Cops Shot the Kid: Children’s Story, it’s sampled a lot: Just want to reiterate that whatever we were talking about with Nas and Illmatic doesn’t apply to ATCQ as virtually their entire discography is highly regarded as excellent. Nas Album Done: Every song ’Nasir’ represents one of the seven deadly sins?: Kelis accuses Nas of physical and mental abuse: Teyana Taylor: “Rose in Harlem”: Teyana in the “Fade” video: Article on Kanye not promoting KTSE at all: Well here you go, sex noises on the GnR song “Rocket Queen”: Ball Culture: Pose: Here’s Chance’s tweets to his four new( now new-is, sorry these take so long to come out) songs… 65th and Ingleside: Work Out: Wala Cam: I Might Need Security: The source of I Might Need Security’s “Fuck you fuUuuuuuck you” sample: He bought Chicagoist:


 2018-08-14  56m