Melodic Treks: A Star Trek Music Podcast

Melodic Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to the music of Star Trek. Host Brandon-Shea Mutala explores the themes, orchestral scores, and incidental compositions that bring Star Trek episodes and films to life, as well as the composers, singers and musicians behind the sounds.


4: From TMP to Gamma Hydra

Five Favorites.

When La-La Land Records released a comprehensive collection of music from The Original Series, it required 15 CDs. And that was just the music from 80 episodes, many of which recycled elements. That’s a lot of music. So with 728 episodes and films in all, it’s an almost impossible task to pick just five favorites. But that is exactly what we aim to do in this episode of Melodic Treks as we’re joined by writer, composer, podcaster, and Trekkie Rick Moyer. Rick is the first guest to pick his five favorites compositions from across the Star Trek franchise. Some may surprise you, but there are some firm fan-favorites as well. So enjoy listening to Rick’s picks, and stick around for the end when we get to hear one of his own compositions from his parody website.


 2014-02-15  51m