Melodic Treks: A Star Trek Music Podcast

Melodic Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to the music of Star Trek. Host Brandon-Shea Mutala explores the themes, orchestral scores, and incidental compositions that bring Star Trek episodes and films to life, as well as the composers, singers and musicians behind the sounds.


7: Sina & Mahler

Five Favorites.

Everyone has their favorite Star Trek series, episodes, and characters. The elements of Star Trek connect with us each differently—and music is no exception. In the episode of Melodic Treks we invite Sina Alvarado (@QueenKatBlue on Twitter) aboard to share with us her favorite musical moments. Some you will agree with. Some you may not. Sina's picks run the spectrum, from intro themes to incidental music, Enterprise to Into Darkness; and she explains why they mean so much to her. See if you agree.


 2014-03-29  54m