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23: Enterprise In Space

Shawn Case and Larry Nemecek on Enterprise In Space.

There is perhaps no ship name in history better known than Enterprise. From the HMS Enterprise of 1705 to the 26th-century USS Enterprise-J seen in the episode "Azati Prime," it's a name that captures the spirit of exploration—always. The next ship to bear the name may just come from the project known as Enterprise In Space, an educational and scientific endeavor connected with the non-profit National Space Society.

In this episode of Matter Stream we're joined by Enterprise In Space founder Shawn Case and Star Trek historian Larry Nemecek, who serves as Promotions Manager for EIS, to learn more about the project that will design and launch an eight-foot orbiter named NSS Enterprise, which will carry more than 100 student-designed science experiments into space, and return the craft to Earth.



Christopher Jones



Shawn Case and Larry Nemecek


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Christopher Jones


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The EIS Mission (2:20)

Shawn's Background (5:15)

Larry Joins the Team (7:08)

Meet the EIS Team (9:47)

The NSS Enterprise Orbiter (20:03)

The Orbiter Design Contest (26:19)

Testing Space Technologies (31:25)

Support the Grassroots Effort (38:38)

Find Out More About Enterprise In Space (44:32)

Closing (47:59)


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 2014-09-30  57m