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24: Leonard Nimoy Was the Guy!

Bonnie Moss Talks Fandom, Photography, and Encounters with Leonard.   Leonard Nimoy is, of course, best known for his role as Spock. Not only was he there in the Original Series pilot episode “The Cage,” he was also there in the most recent film, Star Trek Into Darkness. No one epitomizes Star Trek more than Leonard Nimoy. But beyond the screen and stage—and he appeared in many productions beyond Star Trek—Leonard was also know for his photography. And from behind the camera, he moved people just as he did on film.   In this episode of Matter Stream, Christopher Jones and Larry Nemecek bring you an interview with Bonnie Moss, a fan who fell in love with Nimoy as a girl, went on to meet him, and then to work with him on the exhibiting of his photography. Bonnie shares her story and the experience of getting to know the man who was the original Vulcan, her feelings upon learning of his death, and how an upcoming exhibit will honor Leonard by putting his photography in front of new viewers.   Hosts Christopher Jones and Larry Nemecek   Guest Bonnie Moss   Editor and Producer Christopher Jones   Associate Producer Become one! Support and Matter Stream at the $25/month level or higher! Visit   Production Manager Richard Marquez   Content Coordinator Will Nguyen   Chapters A Fandom is Born (00:04:08) Meeting Leonard Nimoy (00:08:15) More Than a Fan (00:18:42) Reaction to the News of His Death (00:33:39) Nimoy’s Final Appearances (00:39:12) Looking Ahead (00:52:41) Closing (00:36:47)   Send us your feedback! Twitter: @trekfm Facebook: Voicemail: Contact Form: Visit the website at Subscribe in iTunes:   Support the Network! Become a Patron on Patreon and help us keep Star Trek talk coming every week. We have great perks for you at


 2015-03-12  1h12m