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Never Do Laundry Again: How Rent the Runway is Creating a ‘Closet in the Cloud’

Rent the Runway is a business that’s dressed as a fashion company but has the bones of a tech startup. Their service allows customers to rent clothes for special occasions or everyday wear. Rent the Runway aspires to give customers the freedom to create a ‘closet in the cloud’ — receiving a rotating wardrobe of outfits that suit their style. Data drives all of the company’s operations — from personalizing recommendations, to efficiently dry cleaning and shipping clothes to customers. On this episode, Rent the Runway’s Chief Analytics Officer Vijay Subramanian shares: -Why Rent the Runway made its first C-Suite hire in analytics. -How to stop doing laundry by keeping your ‘closet in the cloud’ -How Vijay has baked data into the DNA of Rent the Runway. -What you can do to take your company to the next level of being data-driven.


 2018-07-31  27m