Things change and evolve. They sometimes are shifted around and twisted in ways we never could imagine. This is transposable, a show about how our emotions can change over time and thus reflect the change in ourselves.


Transposable Episode 20: A Box Of Gay

Ace and Cristian take this week to talk about Pride and why most of the online discourse around it sucks. We also then try and figure out what exactly is going on with English.

Content Warning: Transphobia, Transmisia, Word Discourse

Show Notes:

  • Jesse Singal
    • Why is a journalist who has misreported trans issues allowed to propagate more transphobia?
    • What’s Jesse Singal’s Fucking Deal?
  • Correction: Asexuality is not in the DSM, we regret the error.
  • Ladies In The Streets: Before Stonewall, Transgender Uprising Changed Lives
  • Stonewall Riots


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 2018-06-22  n/a