Talking Bout The Blues Podcast

"Talking Bout The Blues" is a podcast series to preserve the essence of the true art form of the Blues, share it's foundation and origins, celebrate and show how the blues Culture influenced music, film and American Culture and highlight everything that’s going on in the Blues community currently.


Mike Hagerty discusses the proper way to print images on Merch

Talking Bout The Blues episode 28 talks to award winning screen printer Mike Hagerty, (who's worked with Gate Mouth, Boogaloo and the Original Legends of The Blues), about the proper use of someone's image on merchandise, as well as the steps indie artists and consumers should take when printing and buying merch. The Emjay Company has been an All-American, award winning innovator in the art of screen printing since 1971. Owner Mike Hegarty's understanding of target markets, careful eye for detail and dedication to customer service has earned his company its place in the competitive event and festival industry for over 20 years. His specialty is personally helping his customers create the perfect merch line for their target market, overseeing quality production and meeting deadlines.


 2015-09-08  36m