Talking Bout The Blues Podcast

"Talking Bout The Blues" is a podcast series to preserve the essence of the true art form of the Blues, share it's foundation and origins, celebrate and show how the blues Culture influenced music, film and American Culture and highlight everything that’s going on in the Blues community currently.


The Legendary Mud Morganfield

On this episode of the Talking Bout The Blues podcast, I had the great pleasure to rap with a Legend in the Blues that's the son of a Legend in the Blues, Mud Morganfield who makes the Bold Statement "Don't Believe the Hype, you don't need drugs and Alcohol to be great, Just God's Gift to you!"! Mud Morganfield is an established star in the world of Blues music. The eldest son of the legendary Muddy Waters, Mud was brought up surrounded by many of the finest musicians in the Blues. Mud’s singing is firmly in best of traditions of Chicago Blues, but he is also a writer of great new songs and he is backed by some of the best musicians playing today. He is acclaimed by both critics and artists such as Buddy Guy and Jools Holland for his own musical ability, Mud’s award-winning album, Son of the Seventh Son, was launched on Severn Records in 2012 and earned great reviews. The album was nominated in the Best Album and the Traditional Blues Male Artist Album categories of the 2013 Blues Foundation Blues Music Awards here. Check out some quotes about the must have legendary Album where Mud Morganfield & Kim Wilson Join Forces titled For Pops (A Tribute to Muddy Waters), released August 19,2014 on Severn Records Mud (Morganfield) can sing like his dad. Kim (Wilson) can blow some mean harp like (Little) Walter. Billy (Flynn) and Rusty (Zinn) know how to play like the Father of Rock. Sunnyland Slim has been mastered by Barrelhouse Chuck. This (For Pops) is some cool and great stuff. Go get it and listen to it until it wears out. It’s possibly the best tribute album ever done, and certainly the best blues tribute album ever made! - Steve Jones - Blues Blast Magazine Read the rest at


 2015-06-08  41m