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161b: Greg Erskine [EXCERPT]

This is an excerpt from episode 161b with Greg Erskine. The full episode is available to everyone who donates to support Woodland Secrets and Stay Mean. Become a supporter today to access all bonus episodes, deleted scenes, and other special content. Click here to listen to the full episode! Puppeteer and podcaster Greg Erskine joins merritt to talk Canadian healthcare, the metric system, and child crimes. Also, the return of BevCheck and the birth of RA Update. Greg is @cat_beltane on Twitter. You can find more of his work at The Lil Friendys YouTube Channel. Get Rec'd:

  • Greg Rec's: Morgan Le Fay by My Barbarian
  • merritt Rec's: One of those wake-up alarm clock lamps
Works Cited:
  • The IBM crime storage thing merritt was obsessed with
  • Greg's baby dancing to Morgan Le Fay
  • Tempeh wingz recipe


 2018-08-29  2m