Let Me Tell You a Story with Steve and Becky Lyles

Steve and Becky Lyles read stories, poems and quotes to inspire and enliven your day. Becky writes fiction under the name Rebecca Carey Lyles and nonfiction under Becky Lyles, and Steve composes poems and vignettes of daily life. Becky's books include Winds of Wyoming, Winds of Freedom, It's a God Thing, On a Wing and a Prayer and Passageways, A Short Story Collection. But they don't just read their own work. Each podcast includes the stories and thoughts of other creative authors guaranteed to entertain.




episode 105: The Way We Were

The Way We Were After taking the summer off, we're hitting the airwaves again with a slightly tweaked emphasis. This year, we'll continue to interview authors, like we've done in the past, and talk about their writing and stories. We also want to talk with individuals who have stories to tell but who may not have put pen to paper to document their experiences. We know so many people with interesting backgrounds and adventure stories that we'd like to share with our listeners. To begin our interview focus, the two of us interview each other, which felt a bit strange, but we had fun. We hope you enjoy our crazy childhood stories.


 2018-09-28  42m