Espresso With Love

???????? Listen to "Espresso With Love" and Wake Up With A Smile!! Every Monday at 6AM EST! 15min of motivation, accountability and a ton of love! Jump your start your week with DISCO.


episode 1: Episode 101 - Espresso With LOVE - @1lovepodcast

????After a month off, it feels so good to be back! We’re bringing you the same energy, now joined by more friends, more fun, and more LOVE! Can’t believe it’s Season 2!! It’s Episode 101!! Wake up beautiful people! I got you! ????The Perfect Way To Start Your Bathroom Break ???? Every morning at 6am EST with TORONTO's No 1 Morning Show! (thanks mom!) 15 min of motivation, Real Life Challenges and lots of LOVE! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!  #toronto #1love #espressowithlove


 2018-10-01  13m