Salt & Honey

Salt and Honey is a podcast by two friends and full-time cartoonists, Sloane (From Under Mountains, A Map to the Sun) and Leslie (Snotgirl) who want to delve deeper into why they like what they like and hate what they hate. Each week, we explore different aspects of different comics (popular and obscure), as well as other popular media, including but not limited to movies and television.


episode 18: Fashion in Comics

This week we talk about fashion, from the way it works in comics to our philosophies about how it relates to character design and our favorite comic artists and illustrators that love fashion. Talking points: fashion as a character, the fashion in Snotgirl, clothing revealing things about characters.   Find Sloane-     Find Leslie-   Theme music by Brian Fukushima 


 2018-01-17  1h31m