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"Tell Me The Truth" is a is a one of a kind podcast featuring new and interesting guest each and every week and is dedicated to giving our guests the opportunity to speak their “Truth", no matter how controversial, taboo, or crazy it may seem. Anchored by host " Sunny Daze”, our aim is to provide our listeners with "top shelf" interviews and other informative, yet interesting material. Prepare to brush your teeth with “Truth Paste”, as we begin our journey deep into the "Wirm Whole.". A place where lies don't fly and fakery is punishable by death. Strap in and hold on as we speed past the point of political correctness and get straight to the bottom of the barrel. I ask you to do the same as all Truth Tellaz, Tell Me The Truth.




Today we sat with Charles Harriott about his travels as a Black Belt BJJ practitioner. This episode covers the North America leg of his journey. We talk about the logistics of his journey, the different schools he taught at, and the lessons he learned. We will be covering more of Charles’ trip in future episodes. ITUNES PODCASTTO LISTEN ON YOUR DEVICE HIT  THE "PLAY" OR "DOWNLOAD" BUTTON BELOW. "DOWNLOAD" PLAYS BEST CHARLES’ LINKS FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM PHOTOS


 2018-10-11  n/a