Punch It: Writing in Star Trek

EXT. Space. The Final Frontier. - This show is about writing in Star Trek. We analyze writing style, rewrite old episodes, and sometimes write our own Star Trek stories. Follow us as we dive deep into what makes Trek so great.



Chilton Money

Gilmore Girls Season One Writing Analysis Tristan finally did it, he actually convinced Char to watch Gilmore Girls season one. After months of trying to convince her, she took the time and sat down and watched. Gilmore Girls is one of the wittiest shows out there with some of the fastest delivery. Char revved up her Netflix and watched it with a writer's eye. Amy Sherman-Palladino pitched Gilmore Girls off the top of her head to some WB execs and got a hit. She started out working on Roseanne and then developed a story about a mother and daughter who were more like best friends. But do you need a best friend when you really just need a mom? Char and Tristan discuss the show's first season and how it developed and grew from the pilot. What did you think of season one? Not enough development or character arc? Or did the fast talking cover it up?


 2017-01-19  39m