Punch It: Writing in Star Trek

EXT. Space. The Final Frontier. - This show is about writing in Star Trek. We analyze writing style, rewrite old episodes, and sometimes write our own Star Trek stories. Follow us as we dive deep into what makes Trek so great.



Fighter Pilot

Star Trek: Enterprise Episode Written On-the-Fly Enterprise doesn't get enough love in the fandom. Does it have its issues? You bet. Is it underrated? Also true. One aspect that garnered the most criticism was the lack of character development. Travis Mayweather was one of those characters where the writers just didn't know what to do with him. So your Punch It crew does what it does best and punches his character up.  In this episode, Char and Tristan tackle Travis' character and gives him a more robust backstory. They also find a way to expand on the Enterprise's mission beyond the fourth season.  What did you think needed to happen with Travis' character?


 2016-12-08  47m