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Issue 009: Breaking Anakin Part 2

Breaking Anakin Part 2. 

Anakin Skywalker’s fall is such a pivotal moment in Galactic History, there are multiple perspectives not just on its impact, but its causes. We conclude our duo logy on this linchpin of Star Wars lore by switching out the hot seat and seeing what different aspects can be teased out about the alleged Chosen One’s destiny and the parts played by the people in his life.

And so, in this episode of Aggressive Negotiations Jedi Master John Mills turns the interrogative glare onto Master Matthew Rushing to probe his thoughts on what caused Anakin to turn to the Dark Side and betray the Jedi, the Republic and his friends. We talk about Obi-Wan’s culpability, the Council’s oversight, a different perspective on training, and whether tenderness can coexist with Sith utilitarianism.

John Mills and Matthew Rushing

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 2016-03-29  40m