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Issue 010: The Expanded Universe

The Expanded Universe.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe has been a source of great joy, angst and debate for fans since the 1990s. While the comics of the 1980s and the West End Games source materials could coexist without conflict, the later EU found itself the source of continuity errors, conflicting writer interpretations, a perpetual second act, and vociferous arguments about how authoritative it really was.

In this episode of Aggressive Negotiations, Jedi Masters Matthew Rushing and John Mills open their holocrons to take a larger view of the Star Wars Galaxy, delving deep into the lost Legends lore to talk about favorite characters, cartoon series, RPGs and video games, and the so much more. As an added bonus, Matthew and John provide their authoritative Top Ten lists of must-read EU titles!

John Mills and Matthew Rushing

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 2016-04-05  53m