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Issue 012: The Extras Awaken

The Extras Awaken.

April 4, 2016 will be a day long remembered…at least for a while. It saw the release of the second most successful film in history in box office terms, *Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens*. Fans are now able to feel the rumblings of the dark side, the heat of Jakku’s sand dunes and the thrill of a Rathtar attack while on the comfort of their own couches.

In this episode of Aggressive Negotiations, Jedi Masters Matthew Rushing and John Mills look at the extras that came with the most anticipated home video release of the year. They break down what they enjoyed, what they thought of the film’s transfer, what they could have done better, and how the set compares to previous Lucasfilm home releases in the digital age.


John Mills and Matthew Rushing

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 2016-04-19  42m