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Issue 013: The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens.

Our most contentious negotiations occur this week, as our examination of The Force Awakens Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Download continues, as we move from discussing the special features on the latest Star Wars home release to the film itself. We assess how home viewing alters estimation of the film, new reads on the material, and what flaws are highlighted and strengths magnified. Are there story choices that could have been made that would have benefited the film, or are the Jedi Masters seeking something that cannot be found?

In this episode of Aggressive Negotiations, Jedi Masters John Mills and Matthew Rushing journey back to Jakku from the comfort of their living rooms to discover what The Force Awakens means to them now, as the fervor from its theatrical release has died down. Find out where the film ranks in order of preference, what they see happening with public perception in the future, and what the impact of future releases will be.


John Mills and Matthew Rushing

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 2016-04-26  59m