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Bonus 1: The Commentary Awakens

Bonus 001: The Commentary Awakens

Happy May the 4th! Celebrated across fandom as “Star Wars Day,” we’re sharing an exclusive commentary to pair with “The Force Awakens.” It’s our way of saying “thank you” for your listenership and support.

Joined by Jedi Council members from across the galaxy, or at least the globe, get what Lucasfilm failed to give you on the home release of Episode VII - an insightful, informed commentary track from fandom’s many points of view.

In this episode of Aggressive Negotiations, Jedi Masters Matthew Rushing & John Mills are joined by Tristan Riddell (Nerd Nuptial), and Lee Hutchison & Matt Hansen (The Senate Floor) to accompany your journey from the wastes of Jakku to the chilly innards of Starkiller Base. Learn about music cues, director influences, design decisions and points of contention with the deep perspective that you’ve come to expect from The Nerd Party. 


John Mills and Matthew Rushing


Tristan Riddell

Lee Hutchinson 

Matt Hanson

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 2016-05-04  2h17m