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Issue 015: Attack of the Directors

The direction of the prequel films became a contentious point among Star Wars fans as The Phantom Menace hit theatres in 1999. This debate became more pointed when George Lucas stayed in the director's chair for Attack of the Clones, as many fans voiced the opinion he should have handedthe reigns to someone else. So what if Lucas, the victim of stinging criticisms, had decided to do just that?

In this episode of Aggressive Negotiations, Jedi Masters John Mills and Matthew Rushing offer a look at alternatives Lucas could have chosen if he'd sat back to focus on producing, instead of directing, the second entry in the prequel trilogy. They offer their dream choices, debate their more-realistic picks, and pitch their dark horse candidates for who Lucas would've been able to trust with his tale of galactic intrigue and romance.


John Mills and Matthew Rushing

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 2016-05-17  39m