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On each of episode of the Diary of an Arcade Employee Podcast I will not only discuss a particular classic arcade game, but share some behind the scenes information of what it?????s like to work at the Arkadia Retrocade. I will also include some vintage audio treats that pertain to the game and have some friends on to talk about games and arcades.



Diary Of An Arcade Employee Ep 032 (Satan’s Hollow)

Friends, a very Happy Halloween to you one and all! This episode of the Diary podcast was originally going to be all about Atari’s Centipede. However a good friend to the show pointed out that since this was the Season – a more spooky game might be better suited. Which is why on the Diary Facebook page, Rich Adams made a request to discuss 1982’s Satan’s Hollow. Released to the wilds of the arcades by Bally/Midway, a game where Players must contend with an army of Gargoyles and dastardly devils – well – it kind of made Satan’s Hollow seem like the perfect game to talk about on the show, right?

In this episode, which to be upfront is a little shorter than the average show, I touch upon some of the people responsible for bringing Satan’s Hollow to the arcades. While Bill Adams was the main designer for the arcade title, he had help from both Jim Love and Jeff Nauman. Between the three they were responsible for the likes of such arcade classics as Rampage, Tron, and even Spy Hunter. Speaking of that 1983 game – in the podcast I share a TV commercial for Pontiac that is inspired by the arcade title!

[Via] Mastercom Tube
As in all of the Diary episodes, I do share my personal first experiences with the game in question, in addition I have done my best to find vintage ads, in this case a few that fit the spirit of the season.

If you have any suggestions for future games to cover or comments on the show itself you may email them to me at VicSage@Retroist.com. You can also contact me on Twitter and of course on Facebook. You can also keep up to date on what is going down at the Arkadia Retrocade by making sure to “Like” their Facebook Page. If you need a daily fix you can check out the Official Diary of an Arcade Employee Facebook page too.
So without further ado, screw your courage to the sticking place as we venture into Satan’s Hollow!

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 2018-10-31  19m