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Welcome to the Global Recon Podcast! Hosted by John Hendricks a civilian and the owner of Global Recon co-hosted by Chantel Taylor a former British Army Combat Medic and the first British woman in history to kill an enemy in combat. We discuss world events, sit down with special operators from across the globe, touch on tactical medicine, mindset, politics, and history.



GRP 121-Voodoo Medics: Australian Special Forces Medics in Afghanistan

On for this week’s podcast is Australian Journalist Kristen Shorten, and Australian Special Forces Medic veteran Jody Tieche. Shorten produced and published a documentary in conjunction with the Daily Telegraph called Voodoo Medics. This documentary chronicles the experiences of Australian Special Forces medics in Afghanistan in a very vivid and real way. We discussed Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC), the process of creating the documentary, and Jody shared some of his experiences in combat. Enjoy. 0:00- into 5:10- Kristen Shorten Australian journalist and wife to a former Australian Special Forces Commando 14:56-Jody Tieche a Special Forces Medic or “Kilo” Here is the link to all of the Voodoo Medics videos and articles Here is the link that will take viewers straight to Voodoo Medics Part I Voodoo Medics podcast iTunes Voodoo Medics podcast Spotify Follow Global Recon below:   Chantel Taylor:   Tim Kolczak:   Music provided by Caspian:


 2018-11-22  1h0m