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episode 16: #16: Is an Office Relationship a Good Idea?

Office relationships? I started watching the 2017 version of Dynasty on Netflix; I am not embarrassed to admit it. The show starts off with Blake Carrington, CEO of Carrington Atlantic, marrying his colleague, Cristal Flores. Granted this is a television show and it may not be aligned with real life, but I think a lot of people are in this situation; have dual roles with work relationships and personal relationships. As I watched the show I realize the love and work relationships can be very complicated. Today, TRP explores office relationships.
Is an Office Relationship a Good Idea? Outline

* Have any of you had relationships with people that were also your coworker?
* Do you have a stance on dating people you have professional relationships with?
* Do you feel that it was more commonly accepted to date a coworker back then or now?
* Have you heard any good advice from people that have had office relationships?
* Why do you guys think people may choose to date a coworker rather someone outside of work?
* Do you guys imagine it would be difficult to compartmentalize work and home life?
* How do people deal when the personal relationship ends yet the work relationship must continue?
* Resource Reads

* Dating in the Workplace: Here’s What You Need To Know About Fraternization
* How To Handle A Personal Relationship At Work
* 5 Rules To Dating In The Workplace

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 2018-06-04  46m