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episode 11: #11: Can You Explain If This Is A Date Or A Meet Up?

Can you explain if this is a date or a meet up?  Ryan is up to his elbows in the dating element today.  After wrapping production of Annoying Women: The 15 Things Men Say To Do So (S2E10), Ryan tells Andrey and I that some people do not consider dates as dates anymore; they are now referred to as meet ups instead.  You can only imagine the confusion on Andrey and I’s faces.  So in today’s episode, we get more in-depth information from Ryan on what this all means.
Can You Explain If This Is A Date Or A Meet Up? Outline

* Refer to John’s article The Don’t Suck at Life: Is It A Date Or A Meet Up? (1.05)
* What’s the difference between dating versus meet up for the first time?
* Is this a generational cohort difference (old school mentality vs. millennial mentality)?
* Why do the lines get “blurred” when meeting on a Dating App and giving them your intention?
* If someone is inexperienced in dating, which gender usually takes the blame (men or women)?
* Should a first date really count as a date in 2018?
* Conflicting perspective/expectations between parties before the first date?
* How about post-first date (refer back to Aziz Ansari’s accusations of “Rape” and how that turned out)?
* Is there a difference between men and women and how they approach this?
* It’s 2018, does a guy always have to initiate and make it crystal clear it’s a first date?
* What about people with a shy personality (or even some women) who ask someone to “hang out” but don’t make it obvious when it’s a date?
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 2018-04-30  45m