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episode 13: #13: Why Are We Taking So Long To Get Married In This Generation?

In previous episodes, we have spent a fair share of time talking about dating.  We have discussed what the dating landscape is now compared to our youth.  So I think it’s a natural transition to talk about; marriage.  Specifically, why is this generation taking so long to get married or delaying marriage?
Why Are We Taking So Long To Get Married In This Generation? Outline

* What is the meaning of marriage to you?
* Is marriage less of a priority today than it was before?
* Do you believe people are postponing marriage because the dating landscape is the way it is? Or is there other additional reasons?
* What are the Pros of postponing?
* What are the Cons of postponing?
* Do you think how people are dating now can jeopardize the future of marriage?
* Open discussion
* Resource Reads

* More Americans Waiting Longer to Marry
* More Americans Delaying Marriage Past Their 20s, New Data Show
* More Americans are living without a partner has increased, especially among young adults

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 2018-05-14  49m