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episode 14: #14: The Importance of Relationship Building Through Travel

Who doesn’t like to travel? In 2018, Millennials and Generation Z is obsessed with wanderlust. Through each Instagram frame, it’s a race to sensationalize your vacation experiences. However, traveling for work takes on a whole new meaning and to the extreme can also be daily living (e.g. traveling across states to make additional income). Listen all the way to the end of the episode because we have an announcement for a special giveaway to enhance your travels.
The Importance of Relationship Building Through Travel Outline

* How does traveling define your life?
* Why do you feel the younger generation feels more inclined to travel now than previous generations
* Why do other countries prioritize traveling compared to the US?
* Pros and Cons for each

* What are your thoughts on people who travel between states during the workweek?
* Why is it important to travel with friends?
* Why is it important to travel with a significant other?

* Resource Reads

* Bend Oregon, a new Silicon Valley Community
* Why Millennials Have Become a Wanderlust Generation

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 2018-05-21  53m