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episode 15: #15: Does Anyone Think Chivalry Is Relevant To Our Generation?

Chivalry is today’s topic of episode 15. I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t come up in any previous episode, but I think there might be a reason. Not to presuppose anything, but we’ve all heard people say, “Chivalry is dead.” Everyone has an opinion on this, but it rarely gets discussed at length. Before we get into modern chivalry, perhaps it would be wise to go over the history of chivalry and what it has meant historically. Chivalry was an informal moral and social code founded by the cavalry during the Roman Empire under Charlemagne and adapted by knights in the middle ages. It had more to do with warrior conduct, nationalism, and piety in those days. Today, it has been morphed and adapted many times to where most people ascribe their own definitions to it. So let’s get right into it.
Does Anyone Think Chivalry Is Relevant To Our Generation? Outline

* First things first, what do you think modern chivalry is?
* Do you feel like it is still relevant in modern society? Why or why not?
* Is it chivalry or chauvinism?
* Do you practice some form of chivalry in your own life?
* What are some things you would institute in your own code of conduct if you could make one?
* Resource Reads

* Why As a Girl, I’m Glad Chivalry is Dead
* Why Chivalry Is Dead, From A Man’s Perspective
* How Chivalry Died–Again and Again

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 2018-05-28  47m