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episode 17: #17: What Is Your Thought On Relationship Second Chances?

Have you ever given a relationship a second chance? Some of us have never given anybody a second chance [Ryan].  Ryan felt the need to explore this topic as he has gotten older and encountered people who have given their old flames a “second chance” to rekindle the passion. People always say “once a cheater/deadbeat/loser/whore always a cheater/deadbeat/loser/whore.” Is that really the case or is it possible that people can turn over a new leaf?
What Is Your Thought On Relationship Second Chances? Outline

* Have you ever given any of your relationships a second chance? If so why/why not?
* Would you give your current Significant Other (or Date) a second chance?
* What are some ‘Dealbreakers’ that wouldn’t warrant a second chance no matter how much you like them? (refer back to Episode 5, Season 1 of The RelationshiPodcast)
* Which cohort is more likely to give a second chance, younger or older people? And why?
* Do you know anyone who gave their S/O a second chance and had a happy ending? What about a ‘bad ending?’
* Resource Read

* Cheaters and Liars: Should You Ever Give Them a Second Chance?
* How to prove that I deserve a second chance? Via
* 5 Reasons They Might Be Worth a Second Chance Via MeetMindful App

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 2018-06-11  45m