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episode 20: #20: Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

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It’s World Cup Season right now where people are traveling to Russia with their friends to watch the tournament.  I see a lot of soccer hotties in the Instagram feeds so there is definitely potential for people to meet their future ex-wife there. We’re in a society where it’s becoming increasingly common to have long distance relationships. Dr. Gregory Guldner published a book in 2003 about Long Distance Relationships and there is currently a site, providing some suggested amendments to adjust for 2018 and to carry on this legacy of Long Distance Relationship knowledge
Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It? Outline

* How far would you be willing to cast your net–distance wise?
* People who date locally are they more confident vs. someone dating outside of their local proximity and more likely in an long distance relationship?
* How different were long distance relationship back then vs. long distance relationship today?
* Does an long distance relationship really make the heart grow fonder?
* How would you cope with intimacy and connection if you were in an long distance relationship?
* Do you know anyone personally who had a successful long distance relationship?
* What are some of the fears you would have being in an long distance relationship?
* Do you think American Men or American Women are more likely to be in an long distance relationship?
* What about International Men vs. International Women?
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* Video Games Got Me Through My Long-Distance Relationship
* 13 Pieces of Long-Distance Relationship Advice From Military Spouses
* Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

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 2018-07-02  45m