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episode 18: #18: Have You Ever Played Cupid or Been Played by Cupid?

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Before smartphones and dating apps, people had to actually physically meet up to start dating. Ok sure, there are a few outliers that were able to start legitimate relationships in the AOL chatrooms, but I think it would be safe to say that’s a relatively small number. And even then, I know for a fact that many of those relationships were blind. Blind, as in, they didn’t know what the other person looked like until they met up with them for the first time. It took like 3 minutes to download a single 3mp photo and you still couldn’t figure out what the other person looked like. But yea, we didn’t have Match, there wasn’t Eharmony, and Tinder definitely didn’t exist. So that begs the question, if you couldn’t get out to meet people, what did you do? Well one of the things that I would do is ask for a hook up. OR, you’d have that awkward conversation that starts with them asking, “hey, you’re not seeing anyone right now, right?”
Have You Played Cupid Or Been Played By Cupid? Outline

* To start off, have you guys ever gotten a hook up?

* Did it work? Did it fail?

* Have you ever tried to hook someone up?

* What are some of the things you tried to do to help out?
* How did that pan out?

* Now that online dating exists, would you still be open to the hook up or for hooking up one of your friends?
* Extended questions:

* Have you ever played wingman?
* Have you ever had to catch the grenade?

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* Why You Shouldn’t Play Matchmaker With Your Friends
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 2018-06-18  47m