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"Rebecca Sugar" with Adam Muto, Ian Jones-Quartey, and Ben Levin & Matt Burnett (Vol.3/Ep.9)

There would be no Steven Universe without Rebecca Sugar. Her incredible creative talent and vision gave rise to the beloved characters, worlds, and stories, and with the help of some other wildly gifted animators and storytellers, she was able to share Steven Universe with the masses. And in this special episode, some of the artists who helped develop and shape Steven Universe share their experiences working alongside Rebecca, the lessons they learned, and what they hope to carry forward in their own respective shows. Former Steven Universe writers Ben Levin and Matt Burnett, former Executive Producer Ian Jones-Quartey, and Rebecca's very first storyboard partner, Adam Muto, chronicle Rebecca's animation journey and pay tribute to her well-deserved success. via Knit


 2018-12-06  58m