Fell In Love With A Girl: An FC St. Pauli Podcast 7000km Removed

An FC St. Pauli podcast, 7000 kilometres removed from Hamburg! We are the only english language podcast about the best football club in the world. At least as far as we know. We are two Canadians bringing a little bit of Hamburg to the prairies and usually at horrible hours. We'd love to hear from you so please contact us!




episode 15: Matchday 15 - FCSP v. Dynamo Dresden: The Sound of Silence

  We talk about all the the events on, and more importantly, off the pitch surrounding #fcspsgd   In a perfect world, this is how Shawn would like to see the culture of footballers and football officiaiating go. This is the rugby union refereeing compilation that Shawn refers to in the episode: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=43AdWFSXhgs   ⚽️☠️⚓️????????????️‍????????‍☠️   -  -  -   We love to hear from you! Here's how to contact us: Look for ‘withagirlpod’ on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or send us an email to:   fellinlovewithagirlpodcast@gmail.com   Please visit iTunes, subscribe and leave us a rating, and help new listeners find us! We really do appreciate it. We are also now available to be streamed on Spotify.    Music provided by The Pagans of Northumberland. Music available to download at: thepagansofnorthumberland.bandcamp.com and be sure to stop by their Facebook and Instagram pages!


 2018-12-09  1h3m