Come join MrMario2011 talk about modding, exploiting, a bit of game/console hacking, and everything in between!


episode 38: ModChat 047 - PlayStation Classic Mods, Nintendo vs. Soulja Boy, Drunk End of the Year Q&A!

A light month for topics this time around due to the third annual end of the year celebration of making this a big Q&A session! For the most part we normally start these with no topics in mind and focus everything on what the audience wants us to talk about, so be prepared for a laid back show. We are wanting to touch up on some big topics this time around though! Including the rapid progression of PlayStation Classic mods and Nintendo going after a few people selling pirated games, such as Soulja Boy! Aside from that, we'll be hanging with you all and answering what we can. Alcohol might or might not be involved, tune in to find out the answer to that.


 2018-12-20  2h42m